Quick guide to transparency

Quick guide to transparency

a-n/AIR’s Exhibition Payment Guide calls for organisations to be transparent in their working practices with artists by publishing clear payment information. This quick guide provides a template for producing a transparency statement.

Be transparent in your working practices with artists by publishing a transparency statement on your website, including it in fair pay, equality and diversity policies or making it available on request.

Choose from the statements below, adapt them or add your own.

About your organisation:

  • We host (number, range, type) of exhibitions annually.
  • Our audience reach for exhibitions (visual art only) is…
  • The type of artists and practices we work with are… and why…
  • We are in Exhibition Payment Framework category… (A to D)
  • Our annual artistic or exhibition programme budget is £…
  • Our annual Exhibition Payment to artists is £…
  • We evidence best practice by including Exhibition Payments in board, financial or annual reports, in reporting on projects and in fair pay, equality and diversity action plans.

How you budget for exhibition payments:

  • Our exhibitions are funded by… (NPO, Charity, Trusts, Local Authority, University etc.)
  • We ask artists to provide a budget which includes an Exhibition Payment.
  • Our organisation pays fixed fees of £…
  • We make clear to artists how an exhibition is funded and the amount secured/outstanding.
  • We use the Exhibition Payment Framework to benchmark our payments.
  • We are working towards the payments recommended in the Exhibition Payment Framework.
  • We include a line specifically for ‘Exhibition Payments to artists’ in budgets and accounts.
  • We include the value of non-cash benefits in our working budgets.
  • If an artist chooses to waive all or part of their Exhibition Payment, or spend it on production or exhibition costs, we record this as ‘In-kind – artist subsidy’ in financial reporting.
  • Here is an example of a typical payment relative to our organisation’s size and scale, the artist’s experience and the specific exhibition we are asking the artist to realise…

How you negotiate exhibition payments:

  • We are always open to negotiation / We pay fixed fees of £…
  • When we meet with artists we discuss and agree their Exhibition Payment.
  • We ring-fence the Exhibition Payment first so the discussion can then focus on production.
  • We adapt the nature and scope of the exhibition for the budget we have available.

Your agreements with artists:

  • We provide a (contract/letter of agreement/email) with agreed budget and exhibition details
  • If an agreement is made verbally, we confirm it in writing.
  • We have a grievance policy in place to share with artists.

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October 3, 2016