Other sector pay guidance

Other sector pay guidance

Routes to a-n and other organisations’ guidance on fees and payments for the visual arts sector.

a-n/AIR’s Exhibition Payment Guide, produced as an outcome of the Paying Artists Campaign, provides specific advice on payments within the context of exhibitions or other visual arts presentation to the public.

Since 2004 a-n The Artist Information Company has produced comprehensive guidance (updated annually) for fair payment for commissions, residencies, engaged and participatory arts workshops, community projects, gallery education work and public talks. This can be found in Guidance on fees and day rates for visual artists.

a-n also provides The artist’s fees toolkit which enables artists to calculate an individual daily rate for services they supply based upon their unique circumstances and overheads, and to prepare quotes when pitching for freelance work.


Visual arts organisations which produce sector guidance on fees and payments:

Arts Development UK (AD:UK) www.artsdevelopmentuk.org

Artquest www.artquest.org.uk

Association of Illustrators www.theaoi.com

Creators Rights Alliance www.creatorsrights.org.uk

Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) www.dacs.org.uk

National Association for Fine Art Education www.nafae.org.uk

Pro Action: Visual Arts in Business www.pro-action.org.uk

Public Art Online www.publicartonline.org.uk  (now run by ixia ixia-info.com)

Visual Artists Ireland www.visualartists.ie

Unions which produce sector guidance on fees and payments:

Artists Union England www.artistsunionengland.org.uk

BECTU www.bectu.org.uk

Scottish Artists Union (SAU) www.sau.org.uk

University and College Union (UCU) www.ucu.org.uk


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October 1, 2016