Arts Council of Wales

Arts Council of Wales

“Last year, Arts Council of Wales launched its strategy, Inspire: Our strategy for Creativity and The Arts in Wales. The message was simple, summed up in just three words: Make, Reach, Sustain. We’re interested in the way that these meanings fuse together – reinforcing each other in a single sense of purpose. Making art, ensuring it connects and building viability are all part of the same picture.

Over the life of this strategy, we’ll be bringing into sharper focus the specific actions we’ll take to support the artist living and working in Wales. It will be an approach which values the creative individual and that builds respect and appreciation for the contribution artists make to society.

In light of this, Arts Council of Wales is announcing its commitment to ensuring proper and fair payment to creative professionals living and working in Wales. In a recent meeting of Council, backing was given to supporting the Paying Artists campaign developed by a-n, The Artists Information Company. This is centered on visual and applied artists. a-n stimulates and supports contemporary visual arts practice and affirms artists’ value in society. Within a-n’s Artist membership, AIR (Artists Interaction and Representation) identifies and explores issues that impact on artists’ practice. It campaigns for artistic, legislative and economic measures that enhance artists’ working lives and professional status. Arts Council of Wales in common with other UK Arts Councils is aligning itself with the Paying Artists campaign.

Over the course of the next 18 months over 2015-16, we will be exploring how our revenue funded organisations support Creative Professionals. We will consider, but not limit ourselves to, financial reward. We want to look at support to artists in the round. We will be clear in our funding guidelines that we expect artists to be paid properly for work undertaken. This, we hope, will support creative professionals to be able to earn a living in Wales.

Alongside this initiative, we will be working with our colleagues in a-n to develop a framework for transparency and benchmarking artists’ fees and terms for the visual and applied arts so that there are clear guidelines for organisations, who wish to work with artists in Wales”.

David Alston, Arts Director, Arts Council of Wales


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April 29, 2015