Founded in 1980 a-n the Artists Information Company is the largest artists’ membership organisation in the UK with 25,000 members. We support artists and those who work with them in many practical ways, acting on behalf of our membership and the visual arts sector to improve artists’ livelihoods. We have a reputation for providing compelling insights and playing a catalytic role in influencing and informing cultural policy.

a-n’s artists advisory group the Artists Council identifies and explores issues that impact on artists’ practice, campaigning for artistic, legislative and economic measures that enhance artists’ working lives and professional status.

In 2013, a-n and AIR surveyed UK artists to find out their remuneration from publicly funded galleries and their overall income levels. The resulting evidence was the foundation for the Paying Artists Campaign.

a-n supports the professional needs of artists through an extensive range of resources and since 2004 we have published annual Guidance on fees and day rates for visual artists. More about member benefits and how to join a-n.