The Paying Artists Working Group have met to discuss the next steps in developing the Exhibition Payment Guide and a-n attended Jamboree to share best practice for artists on Exhibition Payment

Paying Artists Working Group

The Paying Artists Working Group reconvened in June to firm up plans for a series of focus groups to take place over the summer. The sessions to be held in London and Manchester will bring together experienced artists, commissioners and other experts to discuss Exhibition Payment in the contexts of commissions, collaborations and socially engaged practice. The conversations will inform how to apply the Exhibition Payment Guidance in these settings. This work is part of a four-year plan to develop the use of the guidance across a wide range of scenarios.

The working group also discussed preliminary findings from a-n’s recent sector wide Exhibition Payment Surveys. The results, due to be published this Autumn, will inform the future work of the group and a-n’s continued advocacy around fair payment to artists producing a benchmark for Exhibition Payment based on real data for the first time. A follow up survey in 2020 will monitor any changes in time for the publication of the second edition of the Exhibition Payment Guide in 2022.

Resources to support Fair Payment

A set of case studies to be published this summer will showcase existing good practice by sharing how organisations are working with and paying artists. From artist-led projects to national institutions, these cover the full range of framework categories in the Exhibition Payment Guide.

Recognising the difficulty artists face when asked to provide work, time or services without payment a new quick guide will be produced. Helping to aid decision making, the guide will provide a list of questions to work through.

A two part guide by Rivca Rubin helping artists negotiate with confidence is available for a-n members on  The trainer-facilitator-mediator, coach and mentor, discusses how structure, attitude, and the ‘power of words’ can facilitate successful negotiations. In the second part of her guide to negotiations, Rivca discusses how through active language choices, we can create more satisfied and invigorated negotiations with galleries, organisations and commissioners.


Hannah Pierce, a-n’s External Programmes and Partnerships Manager attended Low Profile’s Jamboree 2018 on the Dartington Estate near Totness, Devon this June.  The four-day programme provided a perfect opportunity to share information about the Paying Artists Campaign and provide practical tips around exhibition payment including:

  • Identifying appropriate payments in the Exhibition Payment Guide
  • Artists knowing their own financial needs
  • Including a budget line for Exhibition Payment in funding applications
  • Asking organisations ‘What’s your payment policy?’
  • Talking with organisations about money
  • Getting it in writing

The event, supported by a-n brought together 150 attendees from around the UK in a relaxed outdoor setting with onsite camping, a series of seminar groups, screenings, talks, walks, and communal making sessions. a-n will be looking for further opportunities to work with artists directly presenting best practice in securing Exhibition Payment.

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