Culture Action Europe are hosting a 72-hour ‘Jam Session’ asking ‘Are artists and intellectuals obliged to engage in society and politics today?’

Taking place from Wednesday 27 – Friday 29 April Jamm’Art will facilitate online conversations around evolving subjects in order to gain ‘a collective understanding of the “state of the art”’. The Paying Artist campaign will be participating in the existing discussions and leading some provocations of our own.

Appropriating the term from jazz, Jam Sessions are an increasingly common tool for facilitating large scale discussions within a distinct period of time. They create the possibility for collective decision making so groups can be empowered to decide how to continue and what to do next.

The session will be hosted in a web-platform that enables multiple conversations to run in parallel. A visit to the homepage will provide an overview of what’s going on and you can decide from there which conversations to engage in. As well as written debate, you can share videos, images and other files. A group of facilitators in Gdansk (Poland) will move the discussions forward and pull threads together to allow the issues to be explored to their full potential.

To kick start the event, Culture Action Europe have proposed a series of questions focusing on the role of art, artists and intellectuals in political discourse, democracy and society which will evolve throughout the duration.

Pertinent to a-n/AIR’s Paying Artists campaign one question asks ‘Should artists live off their arts? How?’ The campaign, which aims to secure payment for artists when they exhibit in publicly funded galleries, along with representatives from AIR Council, Paying Artists Regional Advocates and other supporters will be engaging in the debate throughout. Artists are encouraged to contribute to a lively discussion around the subject of Paying Artists.

To participate in the conversation, or start your own debate, register on


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